I’ve done a lot of research on cloth diapers. A LOT!! There’s so many different brands and so many different kinds. With Carter I started off with Pockets and inserts. I liked them because they were super easy to use! Easy to wash and  didn’t take long to dry. Which I really liked unlike All in one (AIO) & All in two (AI2) They are good if you are needing extra absorbent but they take so long to dry!! But they are really great for over night.

So I started cloth diapering Carter around 4-5 months I actually knew nothing about cloth diapers. So of course I started with some china cheapies off of Ebay. Which they suck! They don’t hold anything and I thought wow I suck at this! And wanted to give up on it already because I was dealing with so many leaks. But really it was just I had crappy diapers.

So I ended up ordering some diapers off of Happybeehind.

Which they have  a good selection of diapers and I was very pleased with them.

Fast forward 2 years and I had another baby.

I started cloth diapering Elizabeth as soon as she got out of newborn diapers,Only because I was given so many newborn diapers!

I started off with pocket & inserts again. But then I started to use covers & Flats. Which I go back and forth of which to use because I really like them both. I like the covers because you can take the flats out and wipe the cover off and reuse it! Unlike the pocket diapers you can’t reuse them in till they are washed.

I also got most of my diapers secondhand. Check with any of your mom friends and see if they have any they are no longer using!

I have about 24 diapers total which lets me wash every 3rd day.

If your using them for a newborn you would probably have to wash every other day with that amount.

I hear a lot of I tried to cloth diaper but it was to much work or it takes to long etc

It’s really not that much work!!

(1) A lot of work?

It may seem like a lot of work at first and overwhelming. Trust me I felt the same way. But once you get in to it and get in to a routine it’s super easy.

(2) It takes to much time!

It takes as much time as a disposable diaper. The only difference is you’ll put it in a wet bag instead of the trash!

(3) They save money

The upfront cost of a set of cloth diapers is far more expensive than a packet of disposables. However, in the long term, cloth diapers are much cheaper, because they can be reused over and over again.

(4) Chemicals.

Do you even know what’s in a disposable diaper? No.  Cloth diapers are better for sensitive skin.If your baby has eczema or sensitive skin, disposables can aggravate diaper rash. Cloth diapers are a better choice because they’re softer and more breathable.

Start off small. Don’t rush in to it.

Don’t buy just one type or one brand. Buy a few different ones so you can see which ones and which brands you like best.

I also NEVER dry my diapers in the dryer just to give them more life I always hang them to dry. Also your diapers will get stains on them DO NOT put stain stuff on them. If you hang them up outside when it is sunny the sun will magically take the stains away!!

I only use bamboo or charcoal inserts for my pocket diapers. I NEVER use microfiber inserts. Microfiber CAN NOT be put on babies skin.

I Currently use pockets & Covers for day time.

I will use (AIO) & (AI2) for at night time.

AlO (All in one) diapers have a insert that is already sown on the diaper so you don’t have to add anything to your diaper which is really nice but they take FOREVER to dry!

AI2(All in two) Diapers have two inserts sown on them so you don’t have to add anything and they are super absorbent and are great for at night time.

Another thing I really love about cloth diapers is. Whenever I used disposables on Elizabeth she ALWAY’S had a blow out no matter how small it was it was always out the diaper and up the back!!

With cloth diapers she has “yet” to have any blow outs which is amazing!

I will post pictures below for y’all to see!!

Currently my favorite diaper brands are

Nora’s Nursery (Pocket diapers)

I love the prints of Nora’s Nursery diapers! And I feel like they are slimmer then other brands.

Charlie Banana (Pocket diapers)

I love Charlie Banana diapers because I fill like they are smaller then most brands,They aren’t as bulky and long. They are a little more pricey then most but I feel they are worth the extra money!

AIO Diaper.

AI2 Diaper

I also ONLY use bamboo or charcoal inserts

You should also never put microfiber directly against your baby’s skin. Because it absorbs so well, the microfiber will absorb all the moisture and can cause a nasty rash. Always be sure to have a layer of fabric between skin and microfiber.

Microfiber insert

Have any questions ? Drop a comment below! 🙂


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