Our first year with chickens

When we first got chickens(July, 2 2017) we started out with Rhode Island red. And I think they are a very good “First chicken”
We started with four hens and one rooster. We bought them from a hatchery close to us. They were around 4-5 weeks old. It was during summer so they were old enough to go outside. They loved to be held and loved treats!!

We had no problem with other animals trying to get our chickens. They would free range during the day and be put up at night!

They are super easy to take care of, And they don’t cost much of anything!

They grow fast!

Fast forward 3 months and we got our first egg!!!

At about 15-16 Weeks all 4 of our hens were laying a egg a day!

Even during the winter!

They were laying large size brown eggs!

Then one of our hens went broody! Which we had a rooster so we knew her eggs would be fertilized so we weren’t worried about her being broody.
She only had 2 eggs she was sitting on. She sat on them from 21 days and then we had two baby chicks!!

We ended up bringing them inside because at the time we didn’t have a safe spot for momma chicken to keep her babies. Which she didn’t mind at all that we took them!!

We have since added a lot more chickens and a few ducks to our flock on long with different breads! Be on the look out for our new updated chicken post to come soon!!

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