So you want chickens?

So you want chickens? Have you thought about what breed? Do you want them for eggs? Do you want them for meat? Do you just want them for pets, Or a dual purpose breed?

Before you get chickens you need to make sure you have a few things!

  • First, You’ll need a chicken coop! Your chickens need a safe place to stay at night. If you free range or keep them in a run. They will need a coop! It doesn’t have to be a HUGE coop that cost you way to much! You’ll need enough room for a few nest boxes and a roosting bar. It should be large enough that you can stand in it to gather eggs and shovel manure It can simply be something that you’ve built with left over wood you’ve found. It just needs to be a safe place for them to be at night when they go up.
  • Chickens  need food (and water) daily. Our feed from out local TSC is about $14 dollars per 50-pound bag. But prices may vary. How long a bag lasts depends on the number of chickens that you have. We currently feed 20 on layer feed and go though a bag every 3 weeks We also will ferment feed which makes your feed last twice as long!( I can explain more about that if anybody would like more info!)
  • Your hens will lay through spring and summer and into the fall, as long as they have 12 to 14 hours of daylight. They normally don’t lay in the winter but every now and then some do! We collect eggs daily, and sometimes even twice a day.

Rhode Island Red.(All purpose)

They are the Ultimate chicken!
I love Rhode Island Red. And they may be the best multi-tasking bird ever as they are raised just as often for meat production as it is for its egg laying ability. This is also one of the reasons, along with their temperament, that they are so popular in backyard flocks. They lay anywhere from 250-300 eggs per year. We had a RIR that laid one egg every day even in winter.

They are an Old Bird
The breed was originally developed in the late 1880s. And quickly spread across America and was soon the most popular breed in the entire country!

Cornish Cross (Meat bird)

Cornish cross chickens are bred for there meat. They grow a lot faster than other chickens . The Cornish Cross is typically butchered between 8-9 weeks of age based on your preference or the weight of the bird. At 9 weeks of age, males will be around 10 pounds, females around 8

The Cornish Cross Rock is a hybrid developed by crossing the commercial Cornish chicken with a White Rock chicken. 

Rhode Island Red (Eggs)

This is (One tail willy!)

Again RIR are at it! They are the best layers! They lay between 250-300 eggs a year. They are easy to care for and one of the BEST foragers , so they make the best free range chicken!

They normally start to lay around 16-24 Weeks. Females weigh around 6-7 pounds.

Silkies (Best pet)

They say Silkies are the best pets, They produce fewer eggs than most other breeds, averaging 90-120 per year. Their eggs range in color from white to light brown. Because they are so broody, they make excellent setters, and are often used to hatch other breeds’ eggs. Silkies are calm, trusting, friendly, and docile! All though in my experience they were not! They didn’t like to be held touched or anything!

Silkies don’t start to lay till around 36 weeks!

Thank ya’ll for taking time to read! And I hope this was a good read for you about chickens!!

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