My story on Amber Necklace.

Elizabeth is wearing a teething and GERD necklace.

I heard about “Amber Necklace’s” I didn’t really think much about them but they looked cute so why not give it a try??

Carter started wearing his necklace from (Baltic Essential) When he was around three months old. Of course he wasn’t teething at three months but I wanted him to start wearing it so he could get used to it. So when he needed it he wouldn’t pull on it try to eat it ETC.

He started teething around Nine months I believe. And let me tell you!!


He NEVER got a fever, He NEVER got cranky , He was never in pain, he NEVER drooled and he NEVER got red cheeks!!

He cut every tooth with NO problem at all!
You may think a “Necklace? Really? What is that gonna do?”

Amber is used as a pain reliever due to the compound inside it called succinic acid. Succinic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent, which is why it can relieve pain from all sorts of ailments, including teething, arthritis, and much more. It works when it is worn against the skin and the succinic acid inside the amber is secreted through an oil, which then gets absorbed into the body via the skin.

But let me tell you, they can do A LOT!!

They aren’t only for “Teething babies”

Fast forward 3 Years and we had another baby. So of course I needed to get another necklace for the new baby!!

She was around 3 weeks old when I noticed She had bad colic issue and she had eczema on her face. So I looked online and found on Baltic essential website a necklace called “GERD” which is for ” colic gas heart burn reflux eczema and constipation” And by the way it’s a super cute necklace!!

So I bought it for her and it took about 4 days to get here I put it on her and It took about a week before I noticed a difference But after about a week she stopped being super fussy and her eczema on her face started to clear up.

A little side note!

Let me tell you about how AMAZING Baltic Essential is!! The necklace that I had bought has “Real Wood” On it and one of the pieces looked like it had a crack and over time it would probably fall off. So I took a picture of it and send a email to Baltic Essential showing them and telling them I was afraid it would fall off over time. I got a email back the next day that said. We are so very sorry you received a necklace like this. Please discard it and we are sending you a brand new one for FREE right now and you should have it in 2 day’s.

Ya’ll!! How amazing is that?!? Its a 28.00 dollar necklace + shipping and they didn’t even second guess it or anything just sent me a brand new one for FREE!!! They will always have my business.

So back on track.

I bought her a teething necklace around 3 months as well. No she isn’t teething but I wanted her to get used to it and everything so that way she wouldn’t pull it eat it ETC. And yes you can wear more then one of the necklaces at once. She currently still wears her “GERD” Necklace for colic and is wearing a teething necklace.

I have one as well.

I mean they are cute to!!

No not for teething!

But for headaches. So I have always had bad headaches. I mean so bad I would be sick and pass out from them. When I was about five Or six I had a MRI testing done to try and find out why I had such bad headaches. ( And of course they don’t know why)Fast forward a few years and I bought one for myself. And again to my surprise after wearing the necklace I have had MAYBE one headache. And I’ve been wearing it for about 6 month’s.

So do I think they work?


I believe with everything they work!!.

I hope you will give them a try as well!!

Here is a link to Baltic Essential where all of our amber necklaces are from ! ( We are affiliated with them)

I will be doing a post within the week about “Amber necklace”

What’s it for?

Is it safe?

How do you care for them?

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Have a great day!

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