Breast feeding journey.

I’m not sure where to start here!

But I wanted to talk about breast feeding, about my journey and my struggles.. Not the let’s talk about how amazing super easy and fun it is! Because let me tell you it’s nothing like that!!

So I’m gonna talk about what nobody ever tells you about breast feeding.

All you ever hear is breast feeding is super easy!
I mean isn’t it? You just hook your baby on and boom your done that’s that!

Haha, No! It’s anything but that.

The first week of my breast feeding journey was what everybody said it would be super easy!

But no one talks about after the easy start!

As soon as she was born she had no problem latching on. She latched right on and it was like a easy sail! She latched on ate went to sleep and that was it for the next 7 day’s!

And then it hit.

The swollen and engorged boobs! The pain is something you’ll never forget! And then Elizabeth wasn’t latching on good.. She wasn’t eating good, Which then made the pain even worse because she wasn’t emptying my breast good enough. Which then led to a decrease in my milk supply..

Which around this time is when people give up.. Which I don’t blame them if they don’t know what to do..

So I started to pump so I could get my supply back up which meant me getting up EVERY two hours…Yes every two hours even at night even if my baby finally was sleeping.. I still needed to be up EVERY two hours to pump..

I then got these amazing heating packs that were from Dr, brown. And they were AMAZING. Right before I would pump I’d throw them in the microwave for I don’t remember hah how ever long it said on them and put them in my bra right before I’d pump. Which warm compression will help release your milk and help with the swelling.

I then bought this wonderful things called “Nipple shields ” Which are normally used for tongue ties poor latch etc.

They were a life saver for me! Around 3-4 weeks old she stopped latching on .. She wouldn’t nurse at all. I Started to use the nipple shields I had bought and the first time I used them she had started to nurse again! I still had a super low supply so I still had to pump every two hours..

She was around 3-4 weeks old now. And I was exclusively pumping. Meaning my baby was still getting breast milk but from a bottle. I Didn’t have enough milk for her to nurse I had to pump every two hours hoping I’d get enough for the next time she needed to eat.

After every time I would pump as soon as I was done I would still nurse her to try and get more milk.

Breast feeding is a supply and demand.

Your body makes how ever much milk it think’s your baby needs. If you need to make more milk you need to nurse or pump more.

If you miss a feeding your body thinks you don’t need it.

Does that make sense?

During this time was a huge struggle for me.. Surly I could’ve just given up and gave her formula. But I didn’t want to. I Wanted to do anything and everything I could. Even if that meant I never got to sleep cause I was pumping 24/7 dealing with a low supply dealing with swollen and engorged breast.

But I was gonna make it happen!

I started to drink a cup of tea every day called “Mothers milk” Which I believe it helped a lot! I also made my own lactation cookies to help. And if I didn’t have time to make them target or walmart sell’s Munchkin milk maker cookies and not only do they taste really good they also work wonderful to!!

Fast forward.

I did this till she was around 4-5 months old..

I had finally got my supply up and had enough milk that she could nurse and I stopped pumping. Let me tell you how amazing that was!!

I no longer needed to wake up every two hours to pump or nurse. I no longer needed to take supplements every day!

Breast feeding isn’t for everyone.. And if you feel like your struggling to much ask for help. Ask someone that’s dealt with this problem before.Because at some point somebody has dealt with what your dealing with! Ask for tips and ways to help. It’s okay to reach out if your struggling with it.And It’s okay if you give your baby formula.

It’s okay to do whatever you feel is right for yourself and your baby!

I’m very thankful that I didn’t give up.

Breast feeding isn’t this magical thing you’ll never struggle with.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and have a amazing supply and never have to deal with this and if so you are one lucky person!

Fed is best- A happy healthy baby is all that matters. I went to work full time when my first was 5 weeks old.. And he had formula and that’s okay. My second has been breast fed since she was born and going strong at 9 months old!

But Good luck mama, don’t stress about perfecting breastfeeding or getting the baby on a schedule. Hold your baby and love that angel. Our children are so precious and deserve all of our time. It always works out in the end.

I hope if nothing else this has been helpful to you! If you are struggling or need help please reach out to someone you can email me at if you need help or If you just need someone to talk to. Please don’t keep silent!

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