Wool dryer balls? What are they ? How do you use them?What do they smell like?

Wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls are your “Dryer sheets” But in a ball! And cheaper. And will save you money! Not only because you wont have to buy new ones every month like you do now but they will last up to 4-5 years and they also help dry your clothes faster!

Do Wool Dryer Balls Work for Static?

Wool dryer balls work amazingly well to get rid of static.

Every since I have started using wool dryer balls I have had no static in my clothes or towels!

They are Fragrance-free

Fragrances in fabric softeners can exacerbate respiratory issues, especially asthma, or trigger migraines. Wool dryer balls are a natural, non-toxic fabric softener that’s free of fragrances. If you want to add fragrance, you can use a few drops of essential oils to customize your scent!

Are wool dryer balls better than plastic

Yes, wool dryer balls are better than plastic ones! Why use something plastic when you can use a naturally sources product like wool dryer balls!

How to Use Wool Dryer Balls

  • Add 3-4 wool dryer balls to your dryer.
  • Run your dryer as normal.
  • Leave your dryer balls in the dryer for your next load!

Where do you get them?

You can get them on amazon anywhere from 8-16 dollars

I also noticed Walmart started to sell them!! 🙂

Did you know?

Did you know dryer sheets and most laundry soaps can be some of the biggest offenders of toxins in our home? That’s pretty scary. Because we put these on our body everyday!

As always thank’s for the read! I hope it was helpful to you!

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