Natural remedies for under one.

It’s never fun when your baby gets a cold, and it’s even worse to feel helpless when they’re crying for Mommy to help them feel better. Elizabeth has been up all night. She’s trying to sleep but in her sleep crying because she doesn’t feel good.

But I know she’s just fighting a cold.

Here are some Natural remedies to help your baby feel better if they are under (one)

(And that’ll make you feel better too!)

“As always, consult with your doctor when your child is ill and seek professional medical advice. The following is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. “

Now if she was over one I’d just give her some of our Organic Elderberry syrup. But since she’s under one and the syrup has honey in it I will not give it to her. And making the syrup with out honey would be pointless as the honey has a big part in it!

So how do you naturally treat a cold in a baby under one?

Try these natural remedies for infant colds.


If your new little one has a cold and you’re nursing, often all they’ll need is your breastmilk. This is literally the BEST of the cold remedies for infants under 3 months. Breast milk has all kinds of health-boosting nutrients customized for their body by their mama. Try more frequent nursings, and ensure baby gets to the hind milk.

Your baby might want to nurse a lot if he/she is sick and that is okay!! Let your baby nurse as much as they want, It will help them so much!

Saline drops & nasal aspirator

Many times over the counter saline drops can help. 1-2 drops in a nostril can rinse out the nose and clear nasal passages. Do this very carefully.

If their nose had dried mucous in it, this will also loosen it up.


Yes you read that right.Giving your baby some broth to drink in a sippy cup can help! Broth  is hydrating, and the electrolytes (in the form of sodium) mean your  body can absorb the water more easily.

If you make it with garlic, onions, carrots, lemon, and celery it will have a lot of vitamins and minerals to support healing in their bodies. You want it to be gentle for their little tummies, so don’t add too many spices to it and be sure to strain it carefully.( I Would not give this before 6 months.)

Detox bath.

If your baby is sick a simple detox bath can be a awesome way to kick that cold right out of there system! I myself would not do this on a baby under 6 months. Start slowly and built up the does you baby would need for a detox bath you don’t want to just throw the whole amount in the first time!

Sodium and infants can be dangerous if you use way to much.

For a baby over 6 months I would use.

1-2 Tbsp of Epsom salt
1/2 cup Baking soda
1 Tbsp. Bentonite Clay.


Cool mist humidifiers.

A cool mist humidifier near their beds or even in the area where they play can help your little one breathe easier.


They need lot’s of rest!! It can be hard to get a baby to rest when they aren’t feeling good. Because they want to play but don’t feel good and don’t know what to do!

As always thank you for reading!! 🙂

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