How do you clean cloth diapers?

So how do you clean your diapers?

Do you just throw them in the washer?Do you wash them first?Do you wash them everyday? How and what do you do?!!

First off you will need a wet bag or two. A bigger wet bag for at the house and a smaller wet bag for when you are out and about!

Now this wet bag just sit’s in the corner of my living room where her clean diapers our as well. When I change her I just take the diaper and pull the insert out and put it in the bag. Now a lot of people are worried about the smell… I have never smelled her diapers from the wet bag the only time they smell is when I open up the wet bag to put a diaper in. But as soon as you close it back up you have no smell!!

Also always take the insert out of the diaper’s before putting them in the wet bag trust me.. You don’t want to be digging through 3 day old pee diapers trying to take the inserts out….

Here are the wet bag’s I use at home.

The wet bag I use when I’m not home.

I love this bag from Nora’s Nursery! It has two spot’s. One for your wet diapers and one for dry diapers!

What do you do with the diapers?

So when ever I change the baby I just take the insert out of the diaper lay it in the diaper and put it all in the wet bag. Now if there is poop in the diaper I take it and set it outside in a basket and leave it out there till wash day (Normally every 3 day’s)then when it is time to wash diapers I take the diaper ‘s that are outside and hose them off in a bucket then I will dump the bucket out and take the diaper’s and put them in the washer along with all the other diapers.

Now not everybody lives in the middle of no where and can just hose their poopie diaper’s off outside in a bucket! So if you can’t do that they sell a sprayer that you hook to your toilet and you will hose off the poop in to your toilet ! So instead of putting them outside you would just take it straight to the bathroom hose it off and then put it in your wet bag.

Don’t want to deal with the poop?

They sell liners for your diapers! You just put it in your diaper and when the baby poops it will (Hopefully) all be in this liner and you just throw it in the trash! And you don’t have to wash your diapers!

Do you wash everyday?

No way!! I have around 20-25 diapers. And I wash them every 3ish day’s normally.

I just take the wet bag to the washer and turn it inside out so all the diapers insert’s and wet bag go in the washer.

Now..A lot of people wash there diapers a different way.. And if you don’t do it a certain way you are doing it wrong.. People can get pretty mad at other’s for the way they wash there cloth diaper’s.. Never ask about it in a “Cloth diaper group” unless you are ready for all the comments!!

So I used to use “baby dreft” Laundry soap. But I currently use Meyer’s laundry soap.

Just wash them like a would you clothes!

I make sure to do two rinses.

If you have a diaper that even after you’ve washed it it smell’s bad. I left a diaper for over 2 weeks outside..I forgot all about it.. And it smelled so bad.. Even after washing it 3 times it still smelled awful! So I put it in the sink with hot water a splash of vinegar and some baking soda and it took the smell right out!!

Stains on your diaper?

Yes you will get stains on them lots of stains. But do NOT put stain stuff bleach etc on them.

Put your diapers outside and the sun will take the stains away!
To cold to put the diapers outside? Put them on a laundry rack by a window and it will work just as well!! Now this picture below might be a little TMI..

But!! This is why I use the sun.

Amazing right?! And it’s all natural!

How do you dry them?

I never really put my cloth diapers in the dryer and if I have to put them in the dryer I NEVER use heat

. Putting them in the dryer will take some life out of them. I almost always just hang them on my laundry drying rack and normally they dry over night now if I’m in a hurry and HAVE to dry them NOW I will put them in the dryer on cool.

I hope this has been helpful to you and you have a better understanding on how to clean your diapers!

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