Taking Away the paci.

A lot of ya’ll asked how I got both my kids off the paci before they were one.. And if I could share what I did. So here ya’ll go!!

Both of my kids were off the paci before they were a year old!

Amazing right??

I’ve had a lot of y’all ask me how I did it.

So here is what I did. Is it going to work for you? Will it work for everybody?
Probably not, But this is what I did with both my kids and it worked!

Not only once but TWICE!!

Both my kids had a paci from birth. I tried to keep the paci from Elizabeth but when she came back in the room after they took her to check her levels they had given her a paci even though I told them not to.

So there went our trying for no paci!

Carter didn’t really care much about his paci. He really only wanted it whenever he took a nap or bedtime other then that he didn’t really care if he had his paci.

Now Elizabeth….. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna break her of her paci because she LOVED it so much.. If I would let her keep it in her mouth 24/7 she would’ve!

When Carter was around 10 months old I lost his paci some how.. I was not a parent that kept 10 other’s laying around. Those thing’s aren’t cheap !!

So I ended up losing his paci.. It was nine o’clock at night and I had to be up at 4:30 the next morning for work and the closest wal-mart was over 30 miles away so I was not about to get up and go to the store hah. So I put him to bed like I do every night… And he looked at me like umm your forgetting something.. I Covered him up and walked out. He didn’t even cry! Just went to bed like no big deal and from there on out he never had a paci again!!

That was easy right? Only if they could all be like that!!

Now with Elizabeth she loved her paci so much.. I knew it was going to be a little harder to try and break her from it!

So around 10 Moths old I started to take it away during the day and only letting her have it at naptime and bedtime. Which worked super well!!

So we did that for about 5 weeks. Then one night I went to put her to bed and I couldn’t find her paci… I knew this wasn’t going to go over well because she NEEDED that thing..

So… I tried to put her to sleep with out a paci I knew it probably wasn’t going to work.. And I couldn’t just go to the store and get her a new paci because they didn’t sell the ones she took in store..

So I laid her down and walked out of the room super fast!!’

She kinda cried for a few seconds an then just ended up laying down and going to sleep!!

And from that night on we’ve been paci free for 2 months!!!

So if you want to get your kid off the paci…. Just lose it! Hah

No but really don’t just take it away from them unless you want a screaming match…

Slowly start to take it away and just take it day by day and in no time they will be paci free away!!! πŸ™‚

Pacifiers can harm the growth and development of the mouth and teeth. Prolonged pacifier use can change the shape of the roof of the mouth, prevent proper growth of the mouth and create problems with tooth alignment!

So it may seem hard to do it now. But in the long run you are helping them.

So take it away πŸ™‚

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