Lets talk teething.

What better time to talk about teething and natural remedies then when you have a 12 month old breaking six teeth at once?! Scary hah

But no worries because we haven’t had any fussiness , fever etc.
Any of your “normal” teething habits. Why? How? Just read below πŸ™‚

 I would like to add that what I suggest below is just what works for our family personally!


Frozen items are great for helping out and soothing your little ones gums.

We used a frozen washcloths (Clean of course hah)These work wonderful, and I’m sure you already have a few rags laying around you don’t use so not only are you not spending a crazy amount on “teething toy’s” That frankly you don’t need and are only being sold to make you think you need them and to get you to waste money!


Yes, You read that right celery is also a good one. My little ones loved this! The inside of the celery (the ribs) that have the bumpy part feels good on there poor little gums and the juice outta the celery is good for them to!


I really can’t say enough about theses wonderful necklaces!

They have been nothing but amazing for our family!
These necklaces have worked so great for our family, That not only do my babies wear one I also have one (No,Not for teething hah) But for headaches.

We’ve always gotten out necklaces from Baltic Essentials

Make sure when you buy one that you get raw amber. Polished amber can lose some if it’s healing properties.

If you’d like to read more about amber necklaces I have another post about them here –> –Amber Necklaces  

We also keep these necklaces on 24/7 . They are a life saver!!


Is great for helping out your sweet little baby with some relief!

Breastmilk Popsicles

If your little ones is breast fed this is amazing for there gums!! And it’s easy to do. Pour your breastmilk in a popsicle mold pop it in the freezer and there you go!! You now have a natural relief for your little one, And it’s breastmilk you can’t go wrong hah.

Well that’s all I have for y’all! I hope this is helpful for you and your little ones!

Have you tried something that isn’t on here? Leave a comment below and let me know how and or what it was!! πŸ™‚

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