Reusable wipes.

Have you ever wondered  about reusable wipes or wanted to use them but were unsure about them?? Don’t know how to start or where to buy them from?

Well I wanted to make the switch to reusable wipes since we already use cloth diapers.

But I kept dragging it along. It seemed like more work.. it’ll take more time. I can’t just throw it in the trash I cant just grab it outta the wipe container.

So one day I finally made the switch..

Let me just tell you I absolutely  love them!!

(1) It’s not anymore work, Nor does it take more time.

I thought they’d be more work. But they really aren’t. It takes just the same amount of time to grab a baby wipe outta the container verses grabbing a reusable baby wipe outta a jar!

(2) I can’t just throw them away.

No, You can’t throw them away but you can put them right in your wet bag with your cloth diaper and go about your day!! Which with your reusable wipes it’s now one less step. Instead of putting your diaper in your wet bag and walking to the trash with your wipes. You can now just throw everything you use in one bag!

(3) Chemical free!

Do you know whats in your baby wipes that your rubbing all over your baby? And their sweet skin? Probably not. But with reusable wipes you know whats in them and what they are made of!! They would also work wonderful if your baby has sensitive skin.

They work just as great if not better then actual baby wipes. They clean just as good feel ever softer and are just over all better!!

How do I get started?

So I started off with her receiving blankets ( I Had so many)

I cut them up and sowed them in to  squares.I didn’t really measure them and I should’ve. But  they worked pretty great .

Then I ended up ordering some already made  reusable wipes off of happybeehinds.

They are  “Imagine bamboo wipes” And I really love them as well.

If you have extra blankets and are crafty I would suggest making your own! If your not (like me)

I would suggest getting them off of happybeehinds or ebay.

So to use them I got a glass jar that I fill the bottom up with warm water add a little bit of coconut oil in it and add a drop or whatever essential oil you like. I personally I use Doterra lemon. I put about 5 wipes in there for one day. And At the end of the day I will empty  out the container and set it aside for in the morning. You could leave them in there and just clean in out in the morning as well. I just like to wash it out and clean it every night.

Here is my glass jar with a few wipes in it.

And our favorite Nora’s Nursery cloth diapers!

The oil I use. I only put one drop in.

I also only use my homemade wipes for babies face and hands.

And use theses on babies bottom.

From Happybeehinds
From Happybeehinds

You could use the same wipes. As they have been washed and cleaned.

But I personally just like having two different kinds for each part!

Have any questions or tips? Leave a comment for me!  🙂

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