10 tips on saving money with a newborn

Are you looking for ways to save a little money with your newest addition?

I have 10 tips on how you can do so!! Read below 🙂

(1) Cloth diapers VS Disposable

This is a no brainer! Diapers are very expensive even if you buy the cheap ones. I’m not gonna spend to much talk talking about cloth diapers because I have 4 other blog post talking about them. Depending on how you go about your cloth diapers you can save so much money!! I have not spend over $170.00 dollars on cloth diapers and I’ve cloth diapered two little ones.

What you need to know about cloth diapering.

Cloth diapering on a budget.

(2) Reusable wipes VS Disposable

No they are not as bad as you would think, And if your using cloth diapers why not use cloth wipes??

These are wipes I made myself out of baby blankets.

And these are from Happybeehind. I’ve spent under $15 dollars on my reusable wipes. We all know wipes are not cheap! and you use them a lot!!

If you would like to read more about reusable wipes click below!

Reusable wipes  

(3) Breastfeeding VS formula

Formula is very expensive like around $25-50 dollars a can, Which one can can last up to 4-5 day’s?? Depending on how much your little one is drinking. Which can get pretty costly!

Breastfeeding is FREE!! And 99% of insurance will also give you a pump for free. I have linked below one of my blog post talking about breast feeding.

Breast feeding journey.  

(4) Thrifting cloths VS New.

Now I love thrifting! You can find so much stuff for CHEAP! Even stuff that still has the tags on them. Now of course I still buy my little ones new clothes but I love thrifting there clothes because they are gonna grow out of them in a month! So why spend all that money on clothes they aren’t even going to wear much.

So what I do, I will buy them new cloths when they are on sale. But the rest I thrift!And if your trying to save money why not thrift?

(5) Making your own baby food VS Store bought.

I was gifted a baby bullet, So I used that to make my own baby food. But you can use any type of blender You will save so much money on baby food making your own.

(6) Nursing clothes.

Don’t waste money on ‘nursing tank tops and shirts. Having to clip both a nursing bra and tank top back up was annoying and I found nursing shirts were so much more expensive and I didn’t like the look of them as much as my normal shirts. I preferred stretchy tank tops and my regular shirt over top. Pull up the shirt, pull down the front of the tank top. No need to buy special clothes. They cost a lot!!

(7) Gender neutral.

If you plan to have more then one baby.

When registering for the first child, it is best to go with gender neutral things in case future kids are a different gender. You end up saving a lot in the long-run.

(8) Barefoot babies

Don’t buy shoes for your baby. They don’t need them, and they’re actually an impediment to learning to walk. Let them go barefoot unless you are taking them outside and it is cold. In that case, use thick socks or booties.

And then when they start to need shoes they will change sizes so fast!! Don’t buy brand new. Thrift them!! I’ve gotten both my kids just to name a few (Nike’s & Converses ) Thrifted for under $3 dollars!

(9) Bottle Warmers Are Unnecessary

I never used one. I just used warm water instead. If I needed to warm a bottle up.

(10) Changing table & Pad.

Unnecessary!! I spent way to much money on them and didn’t use them!!

I spent over $35 dollars on a changing pad “I had to have” And guess what? I NEVER used it.. I ended up giving it away to another mom.

You have a bed and a couch. Use them!

Well that’s all that I have for now! I hope this has been helpful to you!

What else have you done to save money with a newborn?? Drop your comment below!! 🙂

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