How to start with chickens.

Where do you start? How do you start? Where do you get them from ? How do you take care of them??

We got our first chickens in July of 2017. We found a local hatchery and went there and got 5 Rhode Island Red Hen’s. And a random cute little roster!

We didn’t have a huge fancy coop either. My husband had just came home on a weekend leave from the military and I said I wanted to get chickens! So we made a run to lowes and built this little chicken tractor for the chickens I believe it was under $175.00 And that’s where are chickens started!

You don’t have to get your chickens from a hatchery. If you have a Co-Op or a TSC close by they also carry baby chickens around twice a year. Or you can order them online. A lot of people don’t like to order them online but if you don’t have a hatchery close to you and your TSC doesn’t have baby chicks yet, Your best bet might be ordering online. I’ve order chicks online and they came on time and were all fine!!

Chickens we ordered online.

What do you need for baby chickens?

Easy! Food, water & a warm spot!!

And a top for when they start to fly out!!

Hah, But no really all you need is starter chicken feed water and heat! We got this red chicken pen at TSC for $10 and it works perfect. They also NEED heat! A lot of people love to use a heat pad because of the risk of a heating lamp falling and being a hazard . Now I’ve never had a issue with them just make sure you have it tight to where it will not fall!

When can they go outside?

Your chickens can normally go outside around 6 weeks old. They need to have all there feathers before being able to stay outside 24/7.

Chicken coop.

Do I have to have a huge nice coop?

No! Not at all. You don’t have to have a huge coop or the prettiest coop. All you need is to make sure they have a place to sleep at night away from other animals..

This is the size of our coop. Are chickens free range so they are only in here to sleep. (Not pictured) On the back wall we have 4 nesting boxes and a roosting bar that goes from the front to the back of the coop. This coop currently holds 40 chickens and a handful of ducks.

If you look in the far left of this picture you’ll see the outside of or chicken coop. Nothing fancy. Just a place for them to sleep safe at night.

They become great pets!!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Do you have chickens? What bread do you have??

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  1. We just recently moved to Arizona and we have gotten chicks for our flock here. We have a mixed group because we wanted so many kinds.

    2 Easter Eggers
    2 Gold Sex Links
    3 California Whites
    2 Speckled Sussex


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