Avoiding toxic fragrances.

Hey everyone!! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Fragrance. Why we avoid it. And a few reasons why you should as well. I’ve dealt with a lot of problems leading up to fragrance. Which I didn’t really know at the time. But since we have moved a way from fragrance and only use chemical free products I’ve noticed what these chemicals where causing me.

Is there a Risks of using Fragrances?

Did you know that More than a third of the US population has reported adverse health effects from being exposed to fragranced product, this is only what has been reported. These issues include problems breathing, headaches, skin reactions, asthma attacks, and difficulty thinking.

And this is only the beginning.

Cancer: Have you heard of styrene? It’s a chemical found in cigarette smoke and car exhaust. It’s surprisingly common among perfumes and cleaning products as well. Styrene is said to “cause” cancer in humans..

  • Allergic Reactions: Fragrances are one of the top five allergens out there. Exposure can lead to migraines and breathing difficulties as well. The chemicals in toxic fragrances can also cause irritation when applied to the skin. I’ve dealt with this all to long! And it took me awhile to finally realized that all these fragrances and chemicals were causing it. Ever since I was little I’ve had very bad headaches. To the point I would turn white and pass out my head would hurt so bad. The Drs never did find what was causing it. And I’ve just always dealt with it. It wasn’t in till I moved out that I noticed I wasn’t having anymore headaches… I went from having a headache everyday to maybe one every 2-3 months.. What was different? I was using all natural products and using oils instead of candles..
  • Pregnancy Issues: Research the impact of fragrances on fetal development. Fragrance chemicals will build up in your body, and can also be found in your breast milk. If you are pregnant or nursing avoid artificial fragrances like the plague. No joke..
  • Fragrances are also very bad for those dealing with Asthma and if you have Breathing Issues.

What are Artificial Fragrances in?

  • Air fresheners, including sprays and wax melts
  • Candles
  • Laundry soap
  • Dryer sheets
  • Most of your cleaning products
  • Baby lotions, and wipes
  • Lotions

How Can I Avoid Fragrance?

This is why I LOVE using Younglving. Not only for the oils. But we get ALL our stuff from there. Laundry soap, Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning products. EVERYTHING!! EVERYTHING they sell is chemical free. And nothing has Artificial fragrance.

Look at the back of your labels of stuff you buy, If it says Fragrance, parfum, or phthalate throw it back on the shelf!! Go look at the back of products you have in your house now. And if they say Fragrance, parfum, or phthalate go throw them out!!

How do I make my house smell good with out a candle??

OILS!! No really. I don’t use candles or plug ins all I use to make my house smell good is oils. There is a oil for any kind of smell you want!! The other day my mom asked what kind of perfume I had on. It was VALOR a OIL!!

Fragrances are a lot more harmful then you think.. Please do some research on the cleaning products you have in your house around little kids…

If you are interested at all about getting rid of your toxic cleaners your chemical candles or just have some questions DM me!! lets talk 🙂

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