Hello! I’m Samantha!

And welcome to Norman Homestead. Where you will find all the things I love and am passionate about! Simple living, Homestead, Homemade,Cloth diapers and so much more!!

My husband, Blake, and I live in Tennessee with our two children, Carter and Elizabeth . We currently live on 3 acres and have chickens, a dog, and a garden. But are goal is to someday live on a large homestead and be all the way self sufficient. With lots of land, where we can have a milk cow, a few goats, Pigs , more bees, a lot more chickens and so much more!!

You can pretty much always find me talking about cloth diapers. I have a passion for helping other moms in pretty much anyway I can.

I love natural remedies, whole food, Cloth diapers and essential oils.

I handmake all of out cleaning product and soap that is used in our home. l love sharing my knowledge about pretty much anything!

I love learning about pregnancy, birth , breastfeeding pretty much anything motherhood! I would be a midwife right now, But instead I am a mother! 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed a little read 🙂


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