Avoiding toxic fragrances.

Hey everyone!! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Fragrance. Why we avoid it. And a few reasons why you should as well. I've dealt with a lot of problems leading up to fragrance. Which I didn't really know at the time. But since we have moved a way from fragrance and only... Continue Reading →

Being more ECO friendly.

I've been sharing a lot about being more eco friendly lately and all of our reusable stuff. And you guys wanted to know more!! So here is a few things for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ The first thing when most people are wanting to be more eco friendly and switch to re usable stuff they think... Continue Reading →

Washing your cloth diapers.

A lot have asked how I wash my diapers, And recently I've changed up my washing. And it's been working great! So here is a little post on it :)Now this may not work for everyone. Everybody has their own way of washing! This is just what works for us ๐Ÿ™‚ (1) A Cold Wash.... Continue Reading →

Natural Birth.

Today I want to talk with you about Natural birth. I have had two all natural births and wouldn't want it any other way. And If I have another I will have another all natural birth ๐Ÿ™‚ Birth is a amazing thing. No matter if you did it natural or not. I 100% Believe that... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapers FAQ

In this article I will be covering a few questions I have gotten in the last few weeks on Instagram about cloth diapering I will also link below my other cloth diapering post. All of my cloth diapering post.---> Cloth diapering Q: How often do you strip your cloth diapers? A: This might shock y'all... Continue Reading →

Reusable wipes.

Have you ever wondered ย about reusable wipes or wanted to use them but were unsure about them?? Don't know how to start or where to buy them from? Well I wanted to make the switch to reusable wipes since we already use cloth diapers. But I kept dragging it along. It seemed like more work..... Continue Reading →

Postpartum depression.

Today I want to talk about postpartum depression a lot of things NOBODY talks about. Sorry This is kind of a long read! What is Postpartum depression? Do I have it? Can I get it? How do I get rid of it?? Pregnancy is such a amazing thing! Your growing a life, and having that... Continue Reading →

Lets talk teething.

What better time to talk about teething and natural remedies then when you have a 12 month old breaking six teeth at once?! Scary hah But no worries because we haven't had any fussiness , fever etc. Any of your "normal" teething habits. Why? How? Just read below ๐Ÿ™‚  I would like to add that... Continue Reading →

Coconut flour banana muffins.

As promised I'm going to share my banana muffin recipe with yall! And I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! I was on the hunt for a better muffin for my kids something that wasn't full of sugar but didn't taste awful. Something that would be "good" for them and they would... Continue Reading →

Taking Away the paci.

A lot of ya'll asked how I got both my kids off the paci before they were one.. And if I could share what I did. So here ya'll go!!Both of my kids were off the paci before they were a year old! Amazing right?? I've had a lot of y'all ask me how I... Continue Reading →

Natural remedies for under one.

Itโ€™s never fun when your baby gets a cold, and itโ€™s even worse to feel helpless when theyโ€™re crying for Mommy to help them feel better. Elizabeth has been up all night. She's trying to sleep but in her sleep crying because she doesn't feel good. But I know she's just fighting a cold. Here... Continue Reading →

Breast feeding journey.

I'm not sure where to start here! But I wanted to talk about breast feeding, about my journey and my struggles.. Not the let's talk about how amazing super easy and fun it is! Because let me tell you it's nothing like that!! So I'm gonna talk about what nobody ever tells you about breast... Continue Reading →


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