Why do I cloth diaper?

So why do I cloth diaper? That's a big question!! I will also be talking about our favorite brand of cloth diapers Nora's Nursery . I started to cloth diaper with my first child on and off for the first 6 months. Why did I do it on and off? I'm not really sure. I... Continue Reading →

Amber Necklace. What are they?

What is an Amber Necklace? An Amber Necklace is usually made up of Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin from the sap of Conifer trees.  An amber necklace, which comes in many more forms than just necklaces (earrings, bracelets & anklets) are generally used by parents, for infants, to aid their littles mouths when... Continue Reading →

My story on Amber Necklace.

Elizabeth is wearing a teething and GERD necklace. I heard about "Amber Necklace's" I didn't really think much about them but they looked cute so why not give it a try?? Carter started wearing his necklace from (Baltic Essential) When he was around three months old. Of course he wasn't teething at three months but... Continue Reading →

So you want chickens?

So you want chickens? Have you thought about what breed? Do you want them for eggs? Do you want them for meat? Do you just want them for pets, Or a dual purpose breed? Before you get chickens you need to make sure you have a few things! First, You'll need a chicken coop! Your... Continue Reading →

Our first year with chickens

When we first got chickens(July, 2 2017) we started out with Rhode Island red. And I think they are a very good "First chicken" We started with four hens and one rooster. We bought them from a hatchery close to us. They were around 4-5 weeks old. It was during summer so they were old... Continue Reading →

Elderberry Syrup

Why is everyone OBSESSED with elderberry syrup? Never heard of it before? I kept seeing it over and over and thought I had to research about it and try some for myself. I got hit with cold/flu while I was 4 months pregnant and of course they couldn't give me anything for it, So it... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering on a budget.

Typically when cloth diapering comes up in conversation the first thing someone will say to me is, โ€œWow! I wanted to cloth diaper but I just couldnโ€™t commit to it.โ€ Cost and laundry are usually the top two reasons why most mamas feel overwhelmed by cloth diapers. Cloth diapers donโ€™t have to break the bank!... Continue Reading →


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