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How do you clean cloth diapers?

So how do you clean your diapers? Do you just throw them in the washer?Do you wash them first?Do you wash them everyday? How and what do you do?!! First off you will need a wet bag or two. A bigger wet bag for at the house and a smaller wet bag for when you... Continue Reading →

Natural remedies for under one.

It’s never fun when your baby gets a cold, and it’s even worse to feel helpless when they’re crying for Mommy to help them feel better. Elizabeth has been up all night. She's trying to sleep but in her sleep crying because she doesn't feel good. But I know she's just fighting a cold. Here... Continue Reading →

Wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls? What are they ? How do you use them?What do they smell like? Wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls are your "Dryer sheets" But in a ball! And cheaper. And will save you money! Not only because you wont have to buy new ones every month like you do now but they... Continue Reading →

Breast feeding journey.

I'm not sure where to start here! But I wanted to talk about breast feeding, about my journey and my struggles.. Not the let's talk about how amazing super easy and fun it is! Because let me tell you it's nothing like that!! So I'm gonna talk about what nobody ever tells you about breast... Continue Reading →

Why do I cloth diaper?

So why do I cloth diaper? That's a big question!! I will also be talking about our favorite brand of cloth diapers Nora's Nursery . I started to cloth diaper with my first child on and off for the first 6 months. Why did I do it on and off? I'm not really sure. I... Continue Reading →

Fermented Chicken Feed.

I’ve been fermenting my chicken feed off and on for awhile now. I didn't know anything about fermenting chicken feed till I saw someone post about it and how it makes there chicken feed last TWICE as long! Well I have over 30 chickens so anything to make the feed last longer I'll try! I... Continue Reading →

Amber Necklace. What are they?

What is an Amber Necklace? An Amber Necklace is usually made up of Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin from the sap of Conifer trees.  An amber necklace, which comes in many more forms than just necklaces (earrings, bracelets & anklets) are generally used by parents, for infants, to aid their littles mouths when... Continue Reading →

My story on Amber Necklace.

Elizabeth is wearing a teething and GERD necklace. I heard about "Amber Necklace's" I didn't really think much about them but they looked cute so why not give it a try?? Carter started wearing his necklace from (Baltic Essential) When he was around three months old. Of course he wasn't teething at three months but... Continue Reading →

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